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Made for winding down or turning up, Marmas THC Gummies are a confectioner-quality edible. Always vegan and gluten-free, always reliable, and always delicious.

Born in the pacific northwest, Marmas quickly grew into one of the most popular edibles in Washington state where they’ve been delighting cannabis enthusiasts ever since. As opposed to traditional gummies, Marmas THC Gummies do not contain gelatin, making them an excellent gluten free and vegan option in an assortment of delicious fruit flavors.

Famous for their unique texture that is both tender and satisfying, these brightly-hued chewy treats would be proudly displayed by any french connoisseurs. Just one taste and you’ll see why Marmas THC Edibles are so beloved.

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Blue Raspberry (500mg CBD/10mg THC), Georgia Peach (500mg CBD/10mg THC), Passion Fruit (100mg), Orange Mango (100mg THC), Strawberry (100mg THC), Sour Apple (100mg THC), Raspberry Lemonade (100mg THC), Sparkling Grape (100mg THC), Passion Fruit (100mg THC)

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10 THC Infused Gummies


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